Our Services

Qwogo Services at a glance

We are experts in building online communities that solve real problems. Qwogo communities connect real people with real results.

  • Sometimes community building wizards don't make the grade.

    Qwogo does it better. Yes, there are point and click community building apps out there. None of them will deliver the personalized community experience that a Qwogo community offers. You'll work with real people who pride themselves in building virtual communities that actually work.

  • Fully dedicated customer support.

    We are here to help. The Qwogo support team has many years of experience and knowledge to draw upon. We also provide training webinars and training materials to support your community and it's members.

  • We take the time to understand.

    While the Qwogo Platform solves many complex, yet common problems organizations face, every organization is unique. Qwogo understands this and every solution we produce is unique to the organizations we serve.

  • We play well with others.

    Qwogo does not believe in reinventing the wheel. We are integrators. We also help working individuals, groups and communities build and foster key relationships with people by providing them with the tools required to create and maintain a successful online community.

Our Core services

Community Development & Management

Qwogo takes time to understand your needs. We work with you to build, customize and empower you with the tools required to manage your community.

Knowledge Selection & Integration

Qwogo helps organizations carefully select, organize and deliver knowledge resources that best represent its people and facilitate use within their community. Qwogo's collaboration tools allow you to create and disseminate collections of informational assets to all or to select members of the community.

eLearning Design & Development

Qwogo provides a foundation for eLearning design and development. Learning and applying relevant skills and knowledge within an organization is key. Engaging the audience is critical to achieving strategic organizational goals and objectives. We work with you to create and develop a unified eLearning curriculum or training experience for your community members.

Informatics & Analytics

Managing and tracking of informational assets is critical to making organizational decisions. Qwogo's analytic tools allow information assets to be tracked for how they are used by which user groups in which locations and workplace contexts.

Technology Integration & Development

Everything you need, all in one place. Organizations have access to a wide array of information sources. Managing access to multiple external and internal information sources can become increasingly complex. Qwogo solves this issue by developing secure automated access to information sources that are outside your community.

Dedicated Support

Qwogo's support services are designed to exceed the needs, expectations, and requirements of our users. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you. We are committed to providing a timely resolution of reported issues and problems.