Knowledge Integration

Knowledge is a strategic asset.

Organizational knowledge, licensed resources and personal knowledge are strategic assets that are often under utilized due to barriers in accessibilty, availability and communication.
Qwogo's knowledge integration tools can help connect all of your organization's web-based assets to allow just-in-time access to information. By optimizing workflow and improving access to available and relevant knowledge, Qwogo enables you to support evidence-based practice throughout your organization.

At a glance:

The average knowledge worker spends from 15% to 35% of their time searching for information1.
  • 420

    # of seconds to search the Internet for academic information2.

  • 1320

    # of seconds to search physical references for academic information2.

  • 50

    Percent of web searches that are abandoned1.

Knowledge Integration Highlights

  • Collections

    Curricular assets, resources and knowledge can be centrally managed. Qwogo's knowledge management tools support grouping knowledge assets into collections, browsing with customizable outlines, and searching using basic or advanced interfaces. All assets can be categorized and tagged in flexible ways.

  • Manuals & Guidelines

    Disseminate best practice and guidelines so that they are put to use. Qwogo's knowledge management tools can help you publish your manuals and guidelines so they are searchable and accessible at anytime.

  • Virtual Committees & Workgroups

    Share knowledge more effectively within your organization. Groups of users can be set up as virtual committees or workgroups. Members will have collaborative access to contacts, communications tools (eg: discussions, bulletins, screen sharing), and file sharing tools.

  • Personal Collections

    Build and share personal collections of information.

  • Single Sign-On

    Streamline workflows by enabling faster and simplified access to information. Qwogo's single-sign on eliminates time consuming password resets and the need to remember credentials to disparate web services.

  • Context sensitive guidance

    Every web resource is different and skill levels vary across an organization. Qwogo enhances your web resources by adding context-sensitive guidance alongside each resource to help users, regardless of skill, find the answers they seek.


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