Qwogo eLearning technologies address the needs of educators, leaders, instructors and learners.

  • Learning Units

    Learning units are highly flexible and include options to attach a range of learning objects such as presentations (including audio/video), readings, discussion forums, comment walls, interactive exercises, feedback, links and evaluations.

  • Assessments

    Create and run surveys, quizzes, examinations and other forms of interactive assessment and evaluation. Qwogo assessment tools can give immediate feedback to learners and allow them to compare their responses to the performance of those in their group. The system also includes the ability to automate "marking" and keyword analysis of responses to short answer questions.

  • Communication Tools

    Stay connected at all times using integrated email, telephony, discussion forums, bulletins, community boards and comment walls. Web conferencing software can also be integrated.

  • Learning Portfolio

    A learning portfolio allows users to build collections of personal projects, assignments or other products.

Qwogo's eLearning technologies allow organizations to promote and validate workplace education, credentialing and shared problem solving. Just-in-time access to educational and training materials can help improve decision making, quality control and credentialing.