Platform Overview

The Qwogo platform is the foundation for creating centrally-managed and comprehensive information environments.

Core Platform Features

We offer a turnkey solution that reduces complexity.

Online Portal

Provide secure, private, authenticated online information environments that are customized for different groups.

Single Sign-On

Facilitate access to multiple protected resources via a single sign-on.

Application Integration

Seamlessly include any web-based resource (eg: videos, documents, presentations, third-party applications). Qwogo technologies make applications appear as if they were intended to work together.


eLearning tools allow you to promote and validate workplace education, credentialing and shared problem solving to create empowered community of practice.


Gain valuable insight into how your members interact with their community. The Qwogo Platform is able to track what is done, for how long, in what sequence and context, for all managed information resources, courseware and tools irrespective of software vendor, server location, or software application.

The Qwogo Platform is an optimal solution for:

  • Communities of Practice

    A community of practitioners is supported with a community of software. Qwogo enables you to create your own online ecosystem that can knit together a wide variety of web applications. Products like Trello™, Blogger™, MediaWiki™, Google Apps™, LinkedIn™ and SharePoint™ perform well in niche areas. By bridging authentication, information sharing, classification and other gaps between applications like these, we promote a unified experience that leverages the resources you value.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Training

    The Qwogo platform can effectively link eLearning to credentialing systems to support individual capacity building and certifications.

Qwogo helps organizations deliver information convenience, discrimination and integration for their users.