A series of self-directed online learning modules that can help you learn to find, appraise and use evidence appearing in the health sciences literature.

All clinicians experience uncertainty. Evidence "literate" clinicians manage their uncertainty by recognizing where evidence might help. Health Evidence Literacy is about being systematic about linking the best of what is known to the best that can be done.
Health Evidence Literacy calls for unique skills in:
  • Assessing an initially disorganized information mix in order to recognize and detect important clinical problems;

  • Asking relevant questions that suggest an appropriate source of information and are specific enough to facilitate an efficient search for evidence;

  • Acquiring the most important evidence from an ever-expanding health literature;

  • Appraising the best information to expose overt bias and variability; and

  • Applying useful, valid and important evidence while monitoring health outcomes to see whether goals are achieved.


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